Expats: what kind of tenants are they?

If you want to rent out your home to expats, ZUID Beheer is your ideal partner. ZUID Beheer specialises in linking the right home to the right expat or employee. With our extensive experience and impressive network in Eindhoven’s Brainport region, we guarantee fast service, market-value prices, and transparent communication.


What are expats?

Renting to expats means making your home available to people with a short-term rental contract in the Netherlands. These can range from highly educated employees at international companies or multinationals to professional athletes. Most expats stay in the Netherlands for one to three years on average.


The advantages of renting to expats

Due to the short-term nature of their work, international employees and expats are in need of temporary housing. Renting to expats has several important advantages.


First of all, most employers are open to ensuring liability for rental payments and other contractual obligations. This means you are less likely to experience payment defaults or other problem. Most expats are also highly educated, reliable earn an above-average income, making them more likely to rent properties in the high-end rental segment. These advantages make renting to expats an interesting option.


There is also a certain degree of certainty and reliability in renting to expats. You know from the start of the rental period when the expat will leave, as he or she will ultimately return to their home country when their employment contract in the Netherlands expires.


What kind of tenants are expats?

In general, international employees and expats are generally known for being highly educated tenants who will take care of your property. They speak excellent English and have often gone to great lengths to secure their (new) job. This makes them far less likely to risk being evicted from their home.


Renting your home to expats through ZUID Beheer

Whether you’re a real estate investor or a homeowner looking to rent out your property to expats, we take over all management and administration responsibilities for you. Our fixed rate means no agency fee, regardless of the number of tenants you rent to.


If you’re interested in renting to international employees and expats, contact us for more information.


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Blog 4. Real estate photography: what can I expect?


The way your home is presented online is very important these days. The aesthetic appeal of a property is determined by photographs and by the authenticity and atmosphere of the overall presentation. There are a few considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important that your home looks its best. In addition to obvious tips (making sure it’s clean and tidy), we provide you with a checklist to help you add the finishing touches.


Exterior photos

Despite the interior being the most important selling point, the exterior is also worth consideration. On most websites, a photo of the outside of the home is used to attract potential tenants. For this reason, a professional shot of the outside of the home is included by default in all of our packages. Make sure the exterior of your home is clean and tidy and that no parked cars are blocking the view.


The front and back garden should also be well-kept: sweep up any leaves, prune overgrown plants and hedges, and make sure toys and tools are out of sight. Clean windows are another easy way to guarantee a pretty photo of your home.


Interior photos

Good interior photos and a successful viewing have something in common: they both call for a clean home, with extra attention to the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Make sure things like washing-up brushes, dishcloths and cleaning materials are out of sight. Remember: less is more.


Put away remote controls and make sure personal items such as photos and toiletries are not visible in the photo. All beds should be neatly made. Good light is also important to ensuring the best possible result. Natural light is almost always preferred, but that’s not always possible in the Netherlands. Open the curtains, switch on some lamps, and find the angle with the best light.

Professional real estate photoshoot

We believe that professional photos significantly increase the chance of a quick rental, which is why our Complete and Extra packages include a high-quality photoshoot.


Our photographers know the ins and outs of photographing houses and work with specialised equipment. Using backlights and other techniques, they make even the darkest and smallest rooms camera-ready. ZUID Beheer works with professional in-house photographers who are experts in room lighting and photo editing.


If you want to get more viewings, speed up the rental process and minimise vacancies, let us know and we can put you in touch with one of our photographers. Check our current vacancies for inspiration.