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Do you want to rent out your house or apartment? There is a lot to consider when renting out a home. For example, you will not only have to process a lot of administrative paperwork, you also have to comply with a number of laws and regulations as a landlord. A ZUID Beheer real estate consultant assists during this process, and is aware of the latest legislative changes. We specialise in renting out properties in the southern Netherlands, particularly in the Brainport region of Eindhoven. We are experts in a niche rental market that caters to internationals (expats) and multinationals looking for furnished and unfurnished housing in the short and long term. As a result, we have better insights and a more up-to-date picture of the current market than traditional rental agencies.

Property management

Our twenty years of experience means we have the tools necessary to personally and professionally guide homeowners during the process of renting out their properties. We take care of all matters concerning real estate management and property rental, in which we make a distinction between administrative management and technical management.

Investing in real estate?

With its unique approach, ZUID Beheer is not only a specialized property management firm, but we can be of service to both the institutional and private real estate investor when purchasing real estate.

ZUID Beheer packages

At ZUID Beheer there is no extra charge for our real estate advisors to find you a suitable tenant for your home. This service is included in all of our packages. Also, no fees are incurred at all until we rent out your home: No Cure No Pay!

To make renting out and managing your home as easy as possible, three packages have been assembled. On the real estate advisor page we further discuss the services in each package.

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